Gen Xers most likely to stream AM/FM radio: MTM

Generation Xers, those aged 38 to 51, are most likely to stream AM/FM radio, according to a recent report from The Media Technology Monitor (MTM).

MTM’s newest report series Technology Through The Ages looks at how Anglophone Canadians – from Millennials to Seniors – engage with media and technology.

Highlights from the Generation reports include:

  • In a typical week, Millennials (18-37) invest more time overall online than any other age group. They love TV and Radio content as much as their older cohorts, but are more likely to get it from online platforms.
  • While Generation X spends most of their media consumption time online, when it comes to TV content consumption they still lean toward traditional TV. In terms of radio, they are the most likely age cohort to be streaming AM/FM radio content, with three in 10 doing so.
  • Traditional TV is still the primary source of media content for Seniors (73+). On average, Seniors report spending twice the amount of time watching TV on a TV set that Younger Anglophones watch. While we see a decline in TV service penetration in the overall Anglophone market, 91 per cent of Seniors subscribe to either a cable, satellite, or fibre optic service.

The results are based on the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 mixed-methodology survey (telephone and follow-up online surveys) of 12,345 Canadian respondents across the country.