Pattison Media partners with Momentum to launch SPADE ad tech for radio

Pattison Media has announced a strategic partnership that will see Vancouver’s Momentum Media Marketing license and launch its SPADE advertising measurement, conversion tracking, and attribution technology platform, and market it to the radio industry.

Developed and beta-tested in-house by Pattison Media, SPADE aims to solve one of the radio industry’s biggest challenges: attributing increased client sales directly to their radio advertising campaigns and defining that return on investment.

“Now that we’ve conquered the attribution code, we want all radio broadcasters to benefit from the SPADE platform,” said Rod Schween, President of Pattison Media, in a release. “Partnering with Momentum Media Marketing allows us to share this incredible technology with all of radio with a proven team that serves the industry on multiple levels.”

“Pattison Media has brilliantly leveraged its digital expertise, brand assets, and key category retailers to deliver incredible data sets and stellar case studies that establish proof of concept,” added Shawn Smith, President of Momentum Media Marketing. “SPADE is positioned to quickly become the industry standard in radio campaign attribution and measurement.”

SPADE leverages minute-by-minute listening and streaming data, in addition to a myriad of other digital data points to track listener response to client ad campaigns, providing metrics clearly illustrating the effectiveness of radio advertising.

“SPADE demonstrates what we all knew but needed a new way to quantify: radio delivers incredible ROI,” said Andrew Snook, Director of Digital, Pattison Media. “Now a radio account executive, advertising client, or a buying agency can watch radio campaign results in real time and use the intelligence gathered to inform future decisions. SPADE is a game changer!”

For more information on SPADE, reach out to Momentum Media Marketing at (604) 872-8900 ext.300 or

Momentum Media Marketing is the parent company of Broadcast Dialogue.