Online & Digital Media News – MTM finds kids more likely to watch YouTube than TV, SVOD

Media Technology Monitor (MTM) has released its findings on YouTube consumption, focusing on Canadians aged 2+. It found that 82% of online Canadians, aged 2-17, have used YouTube in the past month along with 77% of online Canadians aged 18+. While usage peaks among online Canadians aged 12-35 (89%), 62% of online Canadians aged 65+ also accessed YouTube in the past month. Online Canadians, aged 2-17, are more likely to have watched YouTube than linear TV via a TV set or streaming video on demand (SVOD) services like Netflix or Disney+ in the past month. 97% of kids, aged 2 to 6 that watch YouTube in a typical week, do so with a parent or guardian. Co-viewing with parents is also high among 7-11 year olds (90%) and teens (79%). When it comes to kid viewing, preferred content varies by age and gender with kids aged 2-6 more likely to watch videos about cartoons/animation and games/toys, while teen boys prefer videos about gaming, pranks or challenges, and girls watching content about YouTube stars/celebrities and beauty/fashion.

Amazon Prime Video customers in Canada can now enjoy Prime Video Watch Party, a native social viewing experience on desktop, available at no additional cost. Prime Video Watch Party will allow up to 100 participants (with a Prime membership) to join a watch party for their favourite series or film, accompanied by an interactive chat feature. The experience also features synchronized playback which the host controls.

CBC Gem is now streaming the CBC Docs collection of short documentary films, Alone Together: Personal Stories From The Pandemic. Featuring original productions by Canadian filmmakers selected and funded by the CBC Creative Relief Fund, the films offer a unique look back at 2020. Twelve documentaries are currently featured, with three additional titles launching before the end of the year. 



Arc Publishing, The Washington Post-built digital platform and suite of publishing tools, has announced the integration of The Globe and Mail’s proprietary automation and analytics solution, The integrations will be available to the more than 1,400 websites using the Arc Publishing platform. The Sophi Analytics native Arc integration will bring web analytics data into the Arc workflow, helping publishers understand the value of their content as they work.