Maureen Holloway and Wendy Mesley team up for new podcast

Wendy Mesley (left) and Maureen Holloway (right) are teaming up for new podcast, "Women of Ill Repute."

Veteran radio personality Maureen Holloway has revealed she has a podcast in the works with friend and former CBC News personality Wendy Mesley.

Holloway parted ways with Toronto’s CHFI in October, while Mesley announced her retirement from CBC after 38 years with the public broadcaster last July following a suspension from hosting in 2020 after an internal investigation found she used offensive language on two separate occasions during editorial meetings.

Speaking this week on Standing By: The Terry & Ted Podcast, hosted by Terry DiMonte and Ted Bird, Holloway revealed her and Mesley are working on a new show called “Women of Ill Repute” featuring guests that have “pushed the envelope.”

“Someone who has either found themselves in a pickle or an awkward situation and used that to their advantage,” explained Holloway.

“We’ve become really good friends over the last few years, so we thought we’d team up because she wants to be funny and I want to be earnest,” said Holloway of her co-host, adding that she’s found the technical learning curve of podcasting steep.

Set to launch in June, the podcast will be produced by Matt Cundill, former Corus Winnipeg programmer and Principal at the Sound Off Media Company. The podcast will be under the banner of the Sound Off/Dean Blundell Podcast Network, which distributes and provides production and other supports to shows from independent creators like Erica Ehm’s Reinvention of the VJ and Jeff Woods’ Radio, Records & Rockstars. 

In the episode, Holloway also discusses her departure from CHFI, acknowledging she “spent two months feeling sorry for herself” and hasn’t listened to much radio since leaving Rogers Sports & Media.

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