Online & Digital Media News – TikTok emerges as a top mobile ad network for advertising ROI

TikTok is now one of the top mobile ad networks for advertising ROI, according to Singular’s 2020 ROI Index. The marketing data and analytics company looked at $6.3 billion in ad spending and 2.2 billion app installs across 550 networks to identify the top global ad networks for ROI in mobile user acquisition. While Google and Facebook still lead in volume and adoption and ROI, Singular says TikTok has emerged as a top platform with ad spending multiplying 75 times from May to November, thanks to growth of 614 million users in 2019. Read more here.

Disney+ now has 26.5 million subscribers, according to the company’s first-quarter fiscal earnings report. That’s higher than the 20-25 million subscribers anticipated in the streaming platform’s first three months. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime – which includes Prime Video – has hit the 150 million member mark worldwide.


Media Technology Monitor’s newest report series Technology through the Ages highlights ownership and use of media technology across three generations: Millennials (18-38), Boomers (55-73) and Seniors (74+).  Among the report’s findings are that 96% of Canadian Anglophone Millennials own a smartphone, making them 23% more likely than those 39+ to own one; Millennials are keen audio consumers with 96% of Gen Zs (18-29) and 91% of Gen Ys (30-38) streaming audio online. YouTube is their preferred platform; 55% of Boomers are engaging in social networking online, with Facebook remaining the preferred platform; and 93% of Seniors subscribe to a traditional TV service such as cable, satellite, or IPTV. On average, Seniors report spending twice as much time watching linear television than younger Anglophones. The results are based on the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 mixed-methodology survey (telephone and follow-up online surveys) of 12,380 Canadian respondents across the country.

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