Online audio main source of listening for newcomers to Canada, says MTM

Online audio is the main source of listening for newcomers to Canada, according to a new data release from Media Technology Monitor (MTM).

The MTM 18+ Tuning in – Radio in Canada report explored radio listening, both terrestrial and online, as well as satellite radio subscriptions among anglophone Canadians, while the MTM Newcomers’ Soundscapes of Settlement looked at the consumption of traditional radio and online audio, including music streaming, online radio, and podcasts.

MTM found that while traditional radio remains popular with four in five anglophones (80%) and 86% of French speakers, that number goes down to just one in three newcomers (35%). One in five (19%) newcomers listen to online radio, while 12% subscribe to satellite radio.

Popularity of traditional radio is higher among those coming from the Americas (49%), men (36%), newcomers over the age of 35 (43%), those who live in Alberta (42%) and those within the highest income brackets. MTM found the majority (91%) of newcomers are opting for online audio, with listening to music on YouTube the most popular way of audio consumption (76%), followed by music streaming services (62%).

Overall, MTM found that radio listening continues to go beyond traditional terrestrial distribution with a quarter of anglophones (25%) and 28% of French speakers streaming radio content online. A fifth of anglophone households (20%) and nearly one in 10 (9%) of francophone households subscribe to satellite radio.

Radio is most popular among the 50 to 64 age group and tends to increase with household income, although it dips somewhat with the most affluent anglophones. More than four in five francophones across all age groups listen to radio content, with those aged 35 to 49 most likely to listen to AM/FM radio content online.

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Connie Thiessen
Connie Thiessen
Connie has worked coast-to-coast as a reporter, editor, anchor and host at CKNW and News 1130 in Vancouver, News 95.7 and CBC in Halifax, and CFCW Edmonton, among other stations. With a passion for music, film and community service, she led News 95.7 to a 2013 Atlantic Journalism Award and regional RTDNA award for Best Radio Newscast. More recently, she was nominated for Music Journalist of the Year at Canadian Music Week 2019. To report a typo or error please email -

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It’s your link to critical industry news, timely people moves, and excellent career advancement opportunities.

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