Ariana Grande Album Preview Party available to Canadian CHR stations

Ariana Grande’s Sweetener

Momentum Media Networks is making the Ariana Grande “Sweetener” Album Preview Party available to Canadian CHR stations. The exclusive two-hour special, hosted by Zach Sang, includes the new album with the second hour featuring Ariana and special guests. The preview is available to air Aug. 18/19. Contact Michael Olstrom at for details.

Dejero has partnered with FileCatalyst, a pioneer in managed file transfers, to enable broadcasters to send large amounts of media content and digital assets back to base at high speed while in the field. A combination of the Dejero GateWay mobile Internet connectivity solution and FileCatalyst Direct enables remote reporting teams to access their station’s media asset management (MAM) systems—to source b-roll or background video—to create fully packaged reports, news clips, and upload complete stories faster. The company says combining the two technologies adds value in that crews that can ultimately spend more time in the field and less time commuting between assignments.