Google has released a dedicated Google Podcasts app that includes access to a library of over two million podcasts


Google has released a dedicated Google Podcasts app that includes access to a library of over two million podcasts and will sync across Google Assistant, Home speakers and search. Multiple AI-driven features, including listening suggestions and transcribed episodes, are also set to be introduced. The move is significant in that Google will have the ability to drive podcasts into search returns and increase podcaster integration of programmatic audio advertising.

Canadian Broadcast Sales research indicates radio is outperforming television and digital in delivering encoding and memorability. Conducted in partnership with neuro-marketing measurement firm Brainsights, the study looked at the way the human brain hears and processes radio commercials. While radio performs at comparable levels to TV and digital in delivering awareness and connection in advertising, radio’s core competency is in memorability. Conducted in April, respondents were exposed to 32 commercials across a variety of categories ranging from automotive and finance, to entertainment and personal care.

Janet Panic

APTN is set to soft-launch new Indigenous radio brand ELMNT.FM in Toronto on 106.5 FM and in Ottawa on 95.7 FM later this summer. Corus Radio will provide space to the stations in its Toronto and Ottawa studios. Aimed at adults 25-to-45, the station will play 25 per cent Indigenous-created music, alongside non-Indigenous pop, R&B and rock. ELMNT.FM will also air talk programming including Moment Of Truth with David Moses and weekday evening show Panic In The Night, hosted by bohemian Métis pop artist Janet Panic.

The CRTC has turned down a request from Indie 88 (CIND-FM) Toronto to increase the station’s power from 4,000 to 12,000 watts and increase its antenna height. The commission says CIND-FM failed to demonstrate a compelling economic or technical need. The CRTC also had concerns the technical changes could interfere with the signal of First Peoples Radio Inc. (FPR), for which the commission recently approved an application for a broadcasting licence to operate a new English- and Indigenous-language Type B Native FM station to serve Toronto’s urban Indigenous community.

The CRTC has renewed the broadcast licences for Jim Pattison Broadcast Group radio stations Wild 95.3 (CKWD-FM) Calgary and 102.3 NOW! (CKNO-FM) Edmonton. The commission has renewed the licences for a full seven years through Aug. 2025.

Pierre Mailloux and Josey Arsenault

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) has concluded that an Oct. 12 episode of open-line program Doc Mailloux et Josey broadcast on 106.9 FM (CKOB-FM) Mauricie did not contravene the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ (CAB) Code of Ethics or Equitable Portrayal Code. Hosted by psychiatrist Pierre Mailloux and Josey Arsenault, during the episode in question, Mailloux commented that people of an older generation “lie to themselves cheerfully, daily, copiously, abundantly” and expressed frustration with older callers. He also discussed sexual issues with some callers. A listener complained that Mailloux made disparaging and discriminatory comments about old people, and that the program had contained sexually explicit material. The French-language Panel concluded the comments about old people did not reach the level of abusive or discriminatory material and any of Mailloux’s comments were counter-balanced by his co-host who emphasized that he should not generalize.

Giant FM (CIXL-FM) and Country 89 (CKYY-FM) Niagara, ON are recipients of a 2018 Ontario Fire Marshal’s Public Safety Council Award, presented in Toronto recently. The awards recognize individuals and organizations who go over and above to support fire and carbon monoxide safety in their community. Giant FM and Country 89 were recognized for their tireless efforts in getting the safety message out through contesting, public service announcements, interviews and announcer segments. The Country 89 morning crew has also done home ride-alongs with the fire department to ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were properly installed.

Ricardo Baca

Civilized, the cannabis culture media brand with offices in both Saint John, NB and California, has announced it will produce and distribute a new weekly podcast hosted by Ricardo Baca, former editor of The Denver Post’s award-winning marijuana news site The Cannabist. Cannabis & Main marks Baca’s first return to podcasting since resigning from the Post in 2016. Cannabis & Main will tackle subjects from PTSD and social justice to pesticides and impaired driving.

SOCAN says a record $352-million in total royalties was collected in fiscal 2017 from the use of music by its songwriter, composer, and music publisher members. Year-over-year, royalties were up eight per cent over 2016. Internet revenues increased 44 per cent to just under $49-million, while there was a 13 per cent surge ($76-million) in royalties from countries outside of Canada. A record $295-million was distributed to music creators and publishers.

Nielsen Music Canada’s recently released Canada Music 360 Report explores trends within traditional and online radio, with its findings offering some encouraging insights into radio’s role in music discovery and engagement. Based on a survey conducted between Mar. 29 and Apr. 10, the report notes that the majority of Canadians (66 per cent) use radio to discover new music. It also finds streaming and radio to be complementary formats with 95 per cent of music listeners streaming music and/or listening to the radio. Streamers have a particular fondness for radio DJs, with 41 per cent of paying streamers indicating that DJs are one of the things they like most about listening to traditional radio. Nielsen is offering a 40 per cent discount on the M360 Report to the Broadcast Dialogue community. Learn more about this limited discount offer here.

On this week’s Broadcast Dialogue podcast, publisher Shawn Smith talks to Zach Sang in Los Angeles, the fresh-faced host of the Zach Sang Worldwide Countdown, which made its debut on Rogers Radio stations earlier this year. Sang is being credited with paving the way for the next generation of radio personalities.