Apple – The iPhone 7

appleApple has announced the iPhone 7 and it’s already generating a ton of mixed reactions because the analog headphone jack is a thing of the past. It’s a critical advancement that allows the phone to remain water resistant to a depth of 1m. The iPhones are getting stereo speakers — one on each side of the phone. Other upgrades include a faster single lens camera on the 7, while the 7 Plus has a dual lens camera (wide angle and telephoto). The new phones will ship Sept. 16, with orders to start Friday.

Former CRTC commissioner, Raj Shoan, has had the finding of harassment against him dismissed by Federal Court Judge Russel Zinn. The investigation stemmed from a complaint from Amanda Cliff, an executive director with the CRTC, who accused Shoan of bullying and trying to ruin her career. The judge found in his Sept. 2 ruling that Shoan was treated unfairly by the investigator, saying the investigation “turned into a ‘witch hunt’ where the investigator looked into essentially every detail and interaction Commissioner Shoan had with CRTC staff to try to find harassment.” Shoan was awarded legal costs of $30,000.