Broadcast Tech & Engineering News – Pattison Media announces rollout of ‘Nimble’ integrated digital media service

Pattison Media, along with digital media partner, Lift Interactive, has announced the rollout of Nimble, an integrated digital media service tailored to local business. Pattison Media clients will have access to the platform which offers budget flexibility and insights to help clients adjust campaigns to improve performance. Nimble services will be rolled out in all Pattison Media markets through the balance of 2021 as account executives undergo extensive proprietary Nimble training before a market is fully launched. 

Quicklink has announced a partnership with Panasonic Canada, which will distribute the hardware and software provider’s video and audio solutions in Canada. Headquartered in the UK, Quicklink has been growing its sales, service and support operations in North America, opening a U.S. office in February in Hackensack, New Jersey. 

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