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Ross Video and Cloud-based Production Solutions

The cloud allows for access from anywhere, flexibility, and scalability. Stuart Russell discusses cloud-based solutions with Shawn Snider, Ross Video VP for Production Workflow and Cloud Services.

For over 40 years, Ross Video has helped thrill audiences by contributing to some of the most important live productions on earth. Our customers produce video content that is seen by billions of global viewers every day. We build the creative, business, and technical solutions they use to deliver these productions – everything from cameras to robotic camera motion systems, production switchers, real-time 3D motion graphics solutions, newsroom editorial systems, sports venue control systems, solutions for augmented reality/virtual sets, and more. Our creative and production experts are some of the best in the industry, and we’re one of the only companies that has a clear and absolute commitment to live production. 

We make it easy for customers of any size to create compelling news, weather and sports broadcasts, engaging material for stadium screens, entertainment shows, concerts, virtual productions, educational institutions, legislative assemblies, corporate events and inspiring content for houses of worship. Ross is trusted around the world for our live production expertise. We combine innovative technology with a superior customer experience, enabling our customers to deliver high-impact, high-efficiency productions.

A Global Company

In order to support our global customer base, Ross has corporate offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and supporting sales and service operations strategically located across the globe. Our marketing and R&D teams are located in Ottawa, ON, as is our North American customer experience and demonstration centre. Our manufacturing operations and our headquarters for administration and finance are located in Iroquois, ON, and this includes our state-of-the-art factory.

The Ross factory is run by experts in high-tech manufacturing, quality and efficiency. Our engineers use the most advanced high-precision components and techniques, and processes and technologies that are optimized for the high-mix, low-volume broadcast industry. We’re also a vertically integrated manufacturer, meaning that we own as many of our key manufacturing processes as possible. This helps ensure that the issues of quality, delivery time and cost all remain completely under our control — something that isn’t possible with an outsourced model. In fact, our lead times, customer service and quality are among the best in the industry.

Committed to Innovation

Our in-house research and development efforts enable us to apply maximum creativity not only to breakthrough products, but also to the long-term evolution and support of all our products and technologies. Our engineers have developed deep industry knowledge through front-line exposure to customer requirements, and many of our R&D professionals come to us with a background in broadcasting and so are already very familiar with the challenges our customers face. Our customer-centric approach means we believe in creating long-term technology roadmaps that are oriented around customer choice and flexibility, rather than trying to force customers towards any one specific technology over another. 

With a clear focus on innovation, solutions, interoperability and efficiency, our mission is to help customers produce even more creative content, more easily, regardless of the production environment or application. We have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of products and services in the industry, and our mix of baseband and IP-based solutions means that we are very well placed to meet the challenges of both today and tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, we already offer several cloud-based solutions to customers and we have shown technology demonstrations of fully virtualized workflows at trade shows round the world, in conjunction with partners such as AWS, VMware® and Mellanox® Technologies. The recent pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote production models and cloud solutions, and these will continue to be important tools for content producers after the pandemic has passed. Fortunately, Ross is a company with its feet firmly planted in both hardware and software, constantly looking to the future without ever leaving any of our legacy customers behind. 

Always Looking Ahead

John Ross founded Ross Video in 1974 in his basement in Montreal. To fund the company, John sold the World War II trainer airplane he had painstakingly rebuilt over a two-year period for $3,500 and used the money as seed capital. To this day, this is the only investment that has been made in Ross Video, which has been self-funded since then, growing organically through reinvestment of profits from operations. Ross has made 16 different acquisitions over the past 12 years, and these have also all been funded without external venture capital.

As a privately held and self-funded company, Ross Video has a long and stable history and has enjoyed twenty-nine consecutive years of growth, averaging around seventeen percent growth per annum. As well as being free from the influence of external financiers, we own our manufacturing facilities, do all primary research and development in-house, and market our products internationally through a global sales force and network of business partners.

We’re excited for the future and the growth and evolution that we expect to come with it. Ross currently has around nine hundred employees, and we began 2021 with over two hundred vacancies to fill. We have open positions in a number of different business areas and disciplines, including programmers, engineers, marketing and business roles. This growth is allowing us to speed up development on the next generation of platforms and products. We’re excited by the products we expect to launch later this year, and we can’t wait to see how you will use them.

Learn More

Ross Video is committed to solutions that help our customers create high impact, high efficiency productions. For more information, please visit our website at To keep up to date with our latest news and solutions launches, please register for Ross Live 2021 here – You can also visit the Living Live community – a place for live production professionals to connect, share their experiences, get answers to questions and discuss best practices. The address is

Any questions? Our team can provide expert guidance and solutions to make your next live production project a success. Email us:

Ross Video
Ross Video
Ross powers video productions for billions of global viewers daily with the industry’s widest range of smart production solutions. Ross makes it easy to create compelling news, weather and sports broadcasts, engaging material for  sports stadium screens,  entertainment shows and rock concerts,  educational institutions,  legislative assemblies,  corporate applications and inspiring content for houses of worship.

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