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In digital media news, VICE launches new money platform and MTM says Facebook is still Canada’s favourite social network

VICE Media has announced a partnership with youth-geared financial services app STACK on a new platform that promises to bridge the gap between lifestyle and finances. FREE—MONEY BY VICE is an evolution of VICE’s MONEY section, which was launched in 2016 under the guise of making the financial landscape more digestible for millennials. It will feature stories on spending, saving and entrepreneurship, geared to a youth audience. STACK will also be the title sponsor for Daily VICE, which will expand its editorial mandate to include a weekly money show.

The Media Technology Monitor’s (MTM) latest report indicates 72 per cent of Canadian anglophones are now using an online social network at least once a month, with Facebook remaining the most popular social platform. According to the Social Networking Report, 67 per cent of anglophones surveyed said they had used Facebook in the last month, compared to 30 per cent who said the same about Instagram and 23 per cent who had used Twitter. The study found that most social network users estimated their internet usage at just over 28.5 hours a week. For users of the Reddit platform, typical usage went up to nearly 43 hours a week. Read more here.

Research Co. polling finds that Canadians have not embraced the concept of paying for news and information online. An online survey finds just nine per cent of Canadians are currently paying subscribers of at least one online news source, a number that rises to 14 per cent among those 18-to-34. Three-in-ten Canadians (31 per cent) say they stop going to an online news source if there’s a limit on free articles and/or a paywall with Ontarians (52 per cent) the most likely to click away from paywalled sites. When it comes to radio and television, 41 per cent of Canadians say they get their news and information from local TV newscasts and news channels, while 26 per cent listen to local radio newscasts daily, and 11 per cent national radio news every day. Almost a third of Canadians (32 per cent) say they get news and information from Facebook on a daily basis.

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