Facebook remains most popular social network among Canadian anglophones

The Media Technology Monitor’s (MTM) latest report indicates 72 per cent of Canadian anglophones are now using an online social network at least once a month, with Facebook remaining the most popular social platform.

According to the Social Networking Report, 67 per cent of anglophones surveyed said they had used Facebook in the last month, compared to 30 per cent who said the same about Instagram and 23 per cent who had used Twitter.

Facebook and Instagram users were both more likely to like or comment on other user’s content than create their own posts.

Students, aged 18 to 34, and those with children in the home led the pack when it came to social networking.

The study found that most social network users estimated their internet usage at just over 28.5 hours a week. For users of the Reddit platform, typical usage went up to nearly 43 hours a week.

The report is based on phone surveys of 6,307 people conducted by Forum Research from Sept. 27 – Dec. 8, 2017 and Mar. 19 – May 4, 2018.