Canadian Business has released its annual list of the fastest growing media companies

Canadian Business has released its annual list of the fastest growing media companies. Victoria-based sports video and ad distribution platform SendtoNews takes top spot (and fifth place overall on the Profit 500). Toronto’s Sinking Ship Entertainment, My Broadcasting Corp., and Stingray also make the list.

Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly will deliver a speech to the Economic Club of Canada in Ottawa on Sept. 28, outlining “a vision for Canada’s cultural and creative industries in a digital world.” People from across the country will have the opportunity to follow and contribute to the event through a Facebook Live event, which will start at noon ET.

Esther Enkin

CBC ombudsman Esther Enkin has defended meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe against a complaint from a climate change denier over linking the possible influence of climate change on hurricane Harvey. Enkin says Wagstaffe was giving documented scientific information and did not overstate the connection. Enkin writes “Virtually every scientific agency and governments from the municipal to the federal level accept that climate change is a reality. You are free to reject the evidence. CBC is not obliged to alter its reporting or to provide alternate views.”

The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) and CIVIX are launching NewsWise, a news literacy program made possible with $500,000 in funding from Google Canada. With the aim of tackling the issue of fake news, the CJF and CIVIX will work together to provide over 1.5 million school-aged Canadians (ages 9-19) with a deeper understanding of the role journalism plays in democracy. The program will be a part of Student Vote activities, rolling out to coincide with the Ontario provincial election in 2018, and other upcoming local and provincial elections, culminating nationally with the 2019 federal election.

SAIT’s School of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is holding a Fab Five Reunion on Oct. 4, celebrating 50 years. Program graduates, instructors and former instructors from Television, Stage and Radio, Journalism Arts, Library Information Technology, Print Management Technology and Computer Technology are invited. More info here.

The Central Canada Broadcast Engineers (CCBE) Conference is set for Sept. 28 – Oct. 1 at the Kingbridge Conference Centre in King City, ON. Michael McEwen, director general of the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA), will deliver the keynote address. You can find the conference agenda here.