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LISTEN: On a special, sponsored episode of Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast, David Rusch of Audio Broadcast Canada talks about the challenges of unique broadcast antenna environments with Steve Moreen of Dielectric.

Motion Path, a leader in augmented reality and real-time broadcast graphic design, and interactive virtual experience developer, have launched UpRoar Live!, a solution aimed at helping bring back the excitement of live entertainment and sports events being presented or played without fans. UpRoar Live! Allows fans watching the event on television or online to spontaneously express their reactions via an intuitive app. The various responses are compiled in real time and instantly trigger authentic, proportionally mixed, and acoustically accurate reaction sounds in the venue or as part of the broadcast. In addition to audio, UpRoar Live! allows fans to trigger immersive augmented reality (AR) graphics within the broadcast of the event. Fans can also access interactive modules to participate in wagering, e-commerce, and social media interactions. 

Dejero has announced the latest version of its Core software. With the release of Core 5.4, users of the FlexPoint 111 transceiver — an integrated encoder and decoder — can now transmit and receive resolutions up to 4K UHD at 60 frames per second, with live bitrates up to 60 Mb/s. 4K UHD is supported in both live and recording modes. Version 5.4 also introduces two-way intercom communications to a number of Dejero products, including the EnGo 1.3 and EnGo 260 mobile transmitters, as well as the WayPoint 104 receiver. A closed-captioning feature is also now available for the FlexPoint transceiver and the new WayPoint 50 receiver. Core 5.4 also bolsters transmission security. The optional stream encryption capability features Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256 bit key to keep audio and video data secure when transported over public internet links.