VICE partners with STACK on new youth money platform

VICE Media has announced a partnership with youth-geared financial services app STACK on a new platform that promises to bridge the gap between lifestyle and finances.

FREE—MONEY BY VICE is an evolution of VICE’s MONEY section, which was launched in 2016 under the guise of making the financial landscape more digestible for millennials.

“VICE and STACK are both dedicated to disruption in their respective fields,” Dominique Delport, VICE Media’s president of International and Chief Revenue Officer, said in a statement. “Our mutual goal is to reinvent the relationship that youth have with money and we are excited to be providing content dedicated to that.”

FREE—MONEY BY VICE will feature stories on spending, saving and entrepreneurship, geared to a youth audience. Early offerings include stories like “How To Buy a Home On a Single Income” and “Investing in Nostalgia is Possible Even if You Didn’t Grow Up in the 80s” featuring a Toronto-based Magic: The Gathering investor providing insight on how to make money in collectibles.

STACK will also be the title sponsor for Daily VICE, which will expand its editorial mandate to include a weekly money show, as well as content focusing “on the passion points that money allows you to buy: music experiences, fashion, food, art and travel.”