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Numeris 2024 spring radio diary ratings for Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax, Quebec City & Victoria

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As I previously reported, 56 diary markets were discontinued by Numeris leaving us with our current 22, reporting central area only. radioCount, using a different methodology has recently released their April/Spring book surveying four different markets, while 22 markets are reported in the fall. All 22 Numeris markets were measured under continuous measurement, using the Online Radio Diary. radioCount uses individual recruitment, while Numeris relies on household recruitment. Today’s Numeris release covers the period from May 1, 2023 to April 28, 2024. 

It is worth mentioning that, in these markets, radio reached 81% of A12+ and 82% of Adults 25-54. In Quebec, specifically, weekly reach is at 84% for A12+ and 88% for A25-54. This spring, 38% of Adults 25-54’s listening occurred in their vehicles, flat with fall 2023. In-home tuning, now at 34%, has increased one percentage point from the previous fall. Canadians, 12+, in the top markets spent an average of 13.3 hours per week listening to radio. Quebecers, 12+, spend 15.9 hours per week listening to radio.

Numeris encountered a problem when recruitment calls were labeled as “likely spam” which led to an increase in call avoidance. The result was lower respondent engagement than expected for the Spring Radio Diary release. As a result, 12 markets include sample from previous releases for Spring 2024.

On a personal note, my very good friend Bob Mackowycz, Sr. passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Bob was a radio legend and also one of the best human beings I have ever known. It was an honour to call him my friend.

Now, let’s take a look at six sample markets from the latest Numeris release.

Ottawa-Gatineau: Bragging rights at the top of the ratings heap go to CBC Radio One, well out in front delivering a 19.1% share for A12+ (up from 18.7%). CBC Radio One also grabs the #1 spot with women 25-54, delivering a 12.4% share followed closely by Hot 89.9 with 11.6%. CBC Radio One holds the #1 spot for men 25-54, posting a 13.6% share, followed by CHEZ 106 at 7.7%%. CBC Radio One boasts a lead for men 18-34 with a 13.6% share of hours tuned followed by CHEZ 106 with 10.0%. For women 18-34, Hot 89.9 has a solid lead, posting a 13.9% share.

Winnipeg: CBC Radio One grabs the #1 spot for adults with a 14.1% share of hours tuned, followed by CJOB with 13.7%. Top spot for women 25-54 goes to Bounce 99.9 at 13.3%, followed by QX104 Country with a 11.5% share. For men 25-54, 92.1 CITI-FM is tops with a 13.8 %. 92.1 CITI-FM also heads the list for men 18-34 with a 15.4%. For women 18-34, the favourite is Bounce with 13.3%

Halifax: CBC Radio One takes #1 with adults, posting an impressive 19.6% share of hours tuned. Virgin Radio takes top spot for women 25-54, delivering a 13.7%. Q104 tops the list for men 25-54 with 18.5%. For men 18-34, Virgin takes the lead with 20.4%. When it comes to women 18-34, Virgin also takes top spot with a large lead, posting a 20.8% share.

Quebec City: CHOI 98.1 leads the way for adults with a 15.3% share of hours tuned. WKND 91.9 is popular with women, taking #1 spot 25-54, delivering a 28.5 % share.  For men 25-54, CHOI is on top with 31.2%. CHOI also takes top spot for men 18-34, delivering a 24.0%. WKND 91.9 also takes the lead for women 18-34, posting a 33.7% share.

Victoria: CBC Radio One is #1 for A12+ with a 22.0% share (up from 21.8 %). The Zone is tops with females, taking #1 spot for women 25-54, delivering a 15.4% share. For men 25-54, The Q is on top at 16.8% share. For men 18-34, The Q also leads with 25.8%, followed by the Zone with 15.0%. For women 18-34, the leader is the Zone, posting a 19.0% share, followed by The Q at 14.7 %.

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