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The Next Generation of Burli

The Next Generation of Burli

Burli Software is very fortunate to have a great group of loyal customers.  We have people in every corner of the globe using Burli Newsroom, and have for years.  Our customers have been our partners, helping us develop our software to meet their expectations and needs, and guiding us toward higher and higher quality.  But what happens when what they ask for starts to sound like a completely new product?

That’s exactly what happened a few years ago.  Our customers began asking for image and video handling, more customizable workflows, mobile tools, better website integration, and increased social media capabilities.

That’s where Burli NE comes in.


What is Burli NE?

In an effort to address these concerns, we began development on a new version of Burli, built from the ground up and based on a flexible, powerful database structure.  Five years later and the new product, now known as Burli NE, uses a lot of the core strengths of Burli Newsroom, but also includes some great new touches that we hope will make your life as a journalist easier.

First off, here’s a look at Burli NE.

Now, if you’re a seasoned Burli Newsroom user, a lot of the new interface shouldn’t look that new or intimidating.  But there are changes and new features, so let’s take a quick look at some of what’s stayed the same, and what’s new.

What’s the Same?

We’ve been making newsroom software for 20 years, so it stands to reason that a lot of what we’ve learned in two decades of development could be used as a base for next generation products.

For example, our audio editing tools remain very much the same as they were in Burli Newsroom.  And why not?  We developed that engine ourselves with a focus on journalists’ workflow and streamlining newsroom process.  Our audio tools remain at the very heart of what Burli Software does.

Our Story based focus remains as well, the other core tenet of what we do.  Capturing and editing stories from a multitude of sources, whether they’re Newswires, Twitter, remote filings by email or mobile device, and many more are all there in Burli NE.

What’s New

To begin with, Burli NE allows you to handle two new major types of media – video, and PDF.  You can bring either of these filetypes into Burli NE and associate them with a story in the same way you might do with audio in a Burli Newsroom story today.


We’ve also added image editing, still directly in our own environment.  Simple edits like cropping, applying aspect ratios, rotation, and the like give you a chance to make small changes to pictures that will accompany your Story out into the world.

There’s also a new emphasis on personalizing your workflow.  We’ve included user-specific shortcuts that can take you anywhere in the software you access on a regular basis with a single click, instead of hunting about for the common tools you use every day.  You can also set up your local folders any way you like with your own organizational structure, and do things your way (instead of ours).

Social media has taken a big step forward, and in addition to the Twitter and SoundCloud access that Burli Newsroom brought to the table, we’ve added capture for Facebook and YouTube as data sources.  Handy for bring what’s new and trending into your news stream.

For the more technically minded, we’ve also introduced a full API, full of powerful hooks and features designed to save time and workflow when doing repetitive tasks concerned with exchanging data with third parties.  And our mobile access tools are growing, including a responsive HTML5 app that allows your field reporters to hook into the newsroom remotely and engage with your content.

A Look Forward

Now, we know what you’re thinking.  Is Burli Newsroom leaving?  The answer is no, of course not!  Burli Newsroom has a faithful following (remember those wonderful customers we mentioned before?), and we don’t intend to take it away.  There are plenty of customers who get exactly what they need from Newsroom, and we’re happy to keep supporting them.

For those who want to experience the next generation of Burli, and to see what the next generation of newsroom software looks like, Burli NE is a great place to look.

We’ve scratched the surface here in this article – come visit us at the all-new for more info, or email us to get in touch.

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