Infowars app remains number three news app download in Canada, ahead of CBC News

The Infowars app remained number three in the Canadian Google Play store Wednesday afternoon, ahead of CBC News, Google News and CNN.

Downloads of the Alex Jones app have surged following a move by Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Pinterest, LinkedIn and MailChimp to ban the U.S. conspiracy theorist and right wing syndicated talk show host, who is heard on 90 radio stations in the U.S.

The app is currently ranked as the number three news app overall in Canada, the U.S. and Australia, according to data ranking site App Annie

Facebook says Infowars glorified violence, repeatedly violating its graphic violence policy, and used dehumanizing language or “hate speech” to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants.

Rebel Media contributor John Cardillo called the ban “chilling” saying while he’s not a fan of Jones, he will “fight till the end for Alex Jones’ right to disseminate his content.”

As Rebel Media nears the 1 million subscriber mark on YouTube, founder Ezra Levant proclaimed on Twitter Wednesday that as the largest news channel in Canada, he expects Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “try to shut us down Infowars-style.”