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Online & Digital Media News – Facebook Canada launches Local News Accelerator program

Facebook Canada has launched its Local News Accelerator program bringing together the first cohort of 11 publishers participating in the program. As announced in February, the $2.5M initiative is part of Facebook’s ongoing global efforts to support journalists, academics and news organizations advance journalism and help develop sustainable business models — both off and on Facebook’s platforms. The first wave of participants includes Brunswick News, Daily Hive, Winnipeg Free Press, Glacier Media, Le Soleil, London Free Press, Northern News Services, The Discourse, The Tyee, Vancouver Observer, and Village Media. Throughout the 12-week program, Facebook brings together industry experts, tools, resources and training focused on digital audience development, with the goal of helping publishers find new ways to connect with their audiences and monetize their businesses. Publishers will design individual projects working with coaches with expertise in the digital media business. The program will culminate in Menlo Park, California where publishers will share their news innovation concepts at Facebook headquarters. Grant funding will empower each publisher to implement strategies created during the program.

Tout Le Monde En Parle has had its Twitter account reinstated after a suspension prompted by a user’s complaints about Omar Khadr’s Easter Sunday appearance on the ICI Radio-Canada show. Twitter said the account was suspended by mistake.


The NHL is bringing back “Stanley Cup Live” and adding a stream on Twitter, in addition to Facebook. Hosted by former NHL’er Adam Burish and NHL Network host Jackie Redmond on location from outside each game, the show is being sponsored by Amsterdam Vodka. Viewers on Facebook will be able to participate in polls and leave questions in comments for the hosts and guests to answer on camera. Those on Twitter will be able to see live poll results and comments, but won’t be able to participate other than leaving Twitter comments.Each 10-minute livestream will air about 90 minutes prior to game time.

YouTube is revolutionizing how it displays subscriber counts. Come August, subscriber figures will be abbreviated for channels that have more than 1,000 subscribers. Public displays will read ‘1.2K’ for example, rather than 1,278 subscribers. Exact subscriber counts will still be visible to creators in their YouTube Studio dashboards.

Sportsnet has launched a 7-day subscription for its SN NOW+ streaming service, ahead of the NBA Finals. The 7-day pass is available for $9.99 and follows the recent launch of an annual pass. SN NOW is available to stream on iOS / Android, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and 4th generation Apple TVs, as well as on a desktop or laptop through a web browser.

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