Burk Technology is introducing a new Captures feature

Lawo VSM


Burk Technology is introducing a new Captures feature for its ARC Plus Touch and SL remote control systems for the broadcast industry. The new feature stores months of channel readings for later download and analysis, allowing station engineers to track changes in critical site parameters over time. Captures can also be triggered by events, creating a permanent record of site conditions at the time. The company is also introducing a BTU-4D Digital Temperature Unit which connects as many as four digital temperature sensors to the ARC Plus or ARC Solo remote control system.

Howard Cogan

Veteran voiceover artist Howard Cogan, best known as the voice of JACK FM, is expanding his voiceover services to additional formats. Cogan will continue to work with JACK FM stations in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Baltimore, and other markets. In addition to voiceover services, Cogan’s production company HOCO Productions is offering writing services to stations with limited resources and budgets. Cogan has partnered with Benztown.com to offer voiceover and production services for barter.