Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast: The Shift with Drex on late night radio’s place in a time of crises

The Shift with Drex producer Bob Addison (centre), Broadcast Dialogue editor Connie Thiessen (left) and Drex Wilcomes (right).
Drex Wilcomes

Radio is enjoying a ratings bump – not just from those looking for the latest news, but those looking for connection. That’s where late night radio comes in.

On many of the more than half dozen Corus stations The Shift with Drex airs on, the show has seen a notable increase in audience share and call volume over the last three weeks.

On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast, Drex Wilcomes and producer Bob Addison, talk about leading the late night talk revival in Canada, overnight radio’s place in a time of crises, and the highs and lows of working from home.