FeaturesBenztown's Andy Sannemann in conversation with 'audio ninja' Ashlee Pilger

Benztown’s Andy Sannemann in conversation with ‘audio ninja’ Ashlee Pilger

Ashlee Pilger is a powerhouse in imaging (and mud races). Like many imaging producers, her road to success has been unique. Now a member of Benztown’s Custom Imaging team, Pilger was formerly the Imaging Director for Entercom Norfolk. Luckily, she took some time out of her busy day to sit down with Andreas Sannemann to discuss her favorite plugins, what inspires her, and some advice for those looking to follow in her footsteps.

AS: Can you give some background on yourself, your career, and your achievements?

AP: I’m originally from Kingston, PA but grew up in Savannah, GA. I have a BFA in Sound Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. When I’m not working, I run those crazy mud races like Tough Mudder, Spartan, Savage Race, etc.

I started my radio career in 2008 with Clear Channel as an Operations Assistant. The Operations Manager at the time, Steve Richards, gave me the opportunity to image the UAC, AC, NewsTalk, and CHR stations and I fell in love with the art of radio imaging ever since.

From there, I moved to Melbourne, FL in 2012, where I was a Morning Show Co-Host on WAOA and Production Assistant. I gave the morning show co-host thing a chance but it wasn’t where my heart was. I wanted to be behind the scenes editing and creating. So I moved to West Palm Beach, FL a couple of months later where I worked as a Creative Services Producer at iHeartMedia.

In 2017, I finally landed my dream job as the Imaging Director for Entercom Norfolk. Unfortunately, the position was recently eliminated so now I freelance from home until my next adventure!

AS: What is your favorite thing about being on Benztown’s Custom Imaging team?

AP: Being able to work from home in my pj’s! All seriousness, the amount of tools Benztown provides and the welcoming vibe from the team.

AS: What do your days look like from beginning to end?

AP: I start the day off with a cup of coffee and prioritize my workload. I write down a list of everything I need to produce. Once I finish working for the day, I hit the gym. Gotta keep in shape for those mud races!

AS: What DAW do you use?

AP: Currently, I use Adobe Audition. While I was in college, I used Pro Tools. But ever since working in the radio industry, I’ve used Audition and have gotten quite fast at editing with it. (That’s why they call me “The Audio Ninja.”)

AS: What are your favorite plugins?

AP: My favorite plugins are H-Delay, MondoMod, GTR3, and Renaissance EQ’s.

AS: What is your inspiration?

AP: Soundcloud. There are so many different styles of imaging and I like to hear what others are doing around the world.

AS: Any new tools you have discovered lately?

AP: iZotope’s Stutter Edit! That plugin is so much fun to play with.

AS: Your favorite piece of imaging or production ever?

AP: I have heard amazing work over the years. Anything that Denzil Lacey or Bryan Apple produce.

AS: What has been the best advice you have received?

AP: Keep learning and growing. Network! You never know who will help you land your next gig! And always be humble.


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Andreas Sannemann
Andreas Sannemannhttps://www.benztown.com/
Andreas Sannemann is a leading international audio imaging specialist, composer and Stuttgart-based entrepreneur who joined forces with Dave “Chachi” Denes and Oliver Klenk in 2008 to form Benztown. Together, they built a network of partners in the United States, Germany, England, Australia, and New Zealand delivering distinctive audio branding, imaging and programming to over 2,300 affiliates on six continents.

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