Features5 Reasons your Station’s Engineer should attend the WABE 2016 Convention

5 Reasons your Station’s Engineer should attend the WABE 2016 Convention

wabe-logo-signatureFrom Mark Crichton
President | Western Association of Broadcast Engineers

Sharpen the Saw

A sharpened saw will cut down more trees than a dull one.

In today’s fast paced work environment, it is important for station engineers to be efficient and effective at solving problems by developing a fresh new set of skills. Whether it is through a deeper understanding of a technical topic or taught practical practice, it is important to have a venue in which this can be facilitated.  Our mandate at WABE is to “promote and advance the dissemination of engineering knowledge among its members.” Our line up of technically knowledgeable speakers will provide numerous presentations and panel discussions.  There is opportunity for technical staff to learn, develop and implement a new set of ideas in their workplace.  Some of the topics that will be presented are 4K “4 Real Discussions”, Advanced Networking for AoIP, Tower Lighting, Power Handling and Generators, Bidirectional Technology as Applied in the ENG Workflow, Streaming Audio and many, many more. There is also an opportunity to take in a full day Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) course “Networking for the Broadcast Engineer”.

To view the full line up, go to WABE Schedule.

Meeting Experts and Influencers

There are plenty of opportunities to meet technology experts on the exhibit floor to discuss past, present and future advancements in broadcast equipment. Visit with the sales representatives of a variety of companies and the technical support staff that are able to discuss solutions, develop plans and assist with troubleshooting issues. There are numerous stories of engineers going back to their broadcast facilities with a solution that has saved the station thousands of dollars and resulted in better work flow. The exhibit floor is also a fantastic opportunity for Operations staff to view new equipment, meet the experts and provide feedback on the existing equipment they operate. Visiting the exhibit hall is free and would be very valuable for operation staff to attend.

This year’s Exhibitor Listing

WABE offers an opportunity to hear about the accomplishments of the influencers in the industry and to celebrate those achievements through our awards program. It is a privilege and honour to recognize these individuals.

WABE Awards


Being part of a larger community of broadcast engineers can provide the extra layer of support that many station engineers can use. Developing relationships with other “like minded” individuals can result in life long professional friendships. Knowing that they are not alone wanting to improve their skills and bring something back to their companies. There are many examples of engineers who have been able to call up their “competition’s” engineer, because of establishing a relationship at WABE, to help get them out of a technical emergency through either providing additional support or loaner equipment. WABE offers the opportunity to share technical knowledge with one another and grow their technical contacts.

About WABE


In order for an investment to pay off, you first have to be willing to take a risk. The tightening of budgets, reduction in staff and demands of work can all make it a challenge to send technical staff to WABE. We have strived to keep registration costs down and still maintain a high standard of training and events.  We have been able to do this through our incredible network of sponsors at the convention. They are the backbone of WABE. Many of these companies have limited budgets to spend on shows but choose to invest in WABE because they believe in what we do. The amount that a station needs to invest in their technical staff is small but by investing in their engineer’s development, could result in big returns for the company. In this time of cut backs, invest in your engineer.

This years WABE Sponsors


Spending time away from the office and submerging one self in learning new things, can result in an excitement heading back to the job. New ideas, equipment suggestions, contacts, solutions and new knowledge will be brought back to their company with renewed inspiration and motivation. A few days away from the demands of the station could be what is needed to bring back a clearer vision and purpose.


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