Online & Digital Media News – MTM says TikTok use growing dramatically

Image Credit: Alamy

Media Technology Monitor (MTM) has released two new reports, one focused on understanding social networks and their Anglophone users 18+, and another that takes a deep dive into TikTok user behaviour. Highlights from the Stats and Statuses Social Media Report include that almost four in five English-speaking adults use social media regularly with usage remaining stable since 2017 despite the popularity of various social media platforms increasing or decreasing over this same period. By integrating features from other websites and platforms, Facebook remains relevant, with seven in 10 Anglophone internet users 18+ on the platform. The next most popular platforms are Instagram (42%) and WhatsApp (33%). Highlights from the TikTok Report show that the penetration of the short-form video app has grown dramatically in a short period of time. Although kids’ usage of the app is higher with 39% of children, aged 7-17 using it, adult usage increased from 12% in Fall 2020 to 21% in Fall 2022. Francophone kids are more interested in TikTok than Anglophone kids, however the opposite holds true for adults with Anglophones 18+ more likely to use TikTok. Kids on TikTok are more interested in consuming content on the platform than creating it. Half say they just use the platform to watch content from other accounts. 

Netflix has laid off another 300 employees worldwide, roughly three per cent of its workforce. About 216 of those staff were in the U.S. and Canada. The cuts follow an earlier round of layoffs in May that saw 150 employees let go following an unexpected loss of 200,000 subscribers in Q1 and a catastrophic subscriber forecast.