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Dielectric FM Antenna Case Studies For High Power Regional, Translator, Community and Class A Stations

All Antennas Provide Standard Single Station Omni-Directional Service

FM Case Study Challenge #1 for medium/high power regional stations:

Major market broadcaster wanted to replace a single-station auxiliary antenna with a two-station antenna, using the same space and loading on the tower.


Dielectric DCR-M3 with 0.66 wavelength antenna bays provides the RF bandwidth for two stations spaced 5.5 MHz from each other, with more gain than the typical (and costlier) 0.5 wavelength-spaced antenna bay solution. The DCR-M offers unmatched signal circularity and transmission performance to automobiles and fixed receiver locations.


Dielectric DCR-M3 – Medium/High-Power Regional Stations

FM Case Study Challenge #2 for medium-power college and class A stations:

University radio station with FM broadcast antenna on student union wanted to reduce the RF radiation on the building’s rooftop, improve reception by reducing the signal’s multipath, and improve program audio quality.


Dielectric DCR-H3 antenna array, with half-wavelength-spaced bays, transmits the signal with a reduced vertical plane beam width. This lowers the RF signal on the building’s rooftop and scatter from nearby structures, resulting in less signal multipath. The antenna’s RF bandwidth noticeably increases high-frequency audio performance of signal.


Dielectric DCR-H3 – Medium-Power College/University and Class A Stations

FM Case Study Challenge #3 for omni & directional FM translators and local community stations:

FM translator required broad coverage over 270 degrees of azimuth, but tightly reduced radiation to antenna’s rear.


Dielectric DCR-T2 antenna array with the two bays half-wavelength-spaced vertically and offset from each other horizontally.


Dielectric DCR-T2 – Omni & Directional FM Translators and Local Community Stations

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Dielectric | Trusted for Decades. Ready for Tomorrow.
Dielectric | Trusted for Decades. Ready for Tomorrow.
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