AdvertorialThat’s a Wrap! NAB 2017 Post-Show

That’s a Wrap! NAB 2017 Post-Show

Well, the dust has settled, the booth has been taken down, and the crowds have gone home.  NAB 2017 has come to a close, and Burli is really pleased with this year’s show!

This year’s theme – Media Entertainment Technology – was everywhere!

As a central part of our growth and marketing, the annual National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas is a highlight in Burli’s calendar.  We have been going to NAB since 2002, and enjoy the annual opportunity to meet customers new and old, and check out the state of the industry.

Armed with our friendly staff, a Burli Newsroom demo, and two Burli NE demos (not to mention some mysterious glimpses at our future products!), NAB 2017 was a great success.

Old Friends

As always, it’s great to renew contact with the people that make broadcasting and news a fun and exciting industry to be part of.  Whether it’s customers we’ve known for years just coming by to say hi or other vendors we’ve worked with, seeing familiar faces is always great fun.

For instance, the ink had barely dried on our last article about WTOP, when who should walk up to the Burli booth but Brian Oliger!  Always one to visit and let us know what his organization is up to, as well as what Burli could do for him, it was good to catch up.  We had many such interactions during the show, and it’s always a treat.

We were joined on the booth from our partners and resellers in Europe, EuMediaNet.  Strong players in their marketplace and key to Burli’s technical development, we’re always proud to have EuMediaNet join us at NAB.

The EuMediaNet team in action – Bas Oudmans, Steve Course, and Lucas Vroemen chat with customers

It’s also not unusual to supply a little tech support on site!  One existing customer from the United States showed up with a question about a little-used setting in Newsroom, eager to put a pressing question to bed.  A couple of quick phone calls later and she had been emailed her answer from the tech support gang back home in Vancouver, before she had even left the floor for the day.  That’s Burli’s support in action!

New Horizons

Of course, what’s a trade show without the prospect of new business?  We were very excited to make contact with some exciting new potential clients.

Ian Gunn and ChiChi Liu of Burli Software present Burli NE to show attendees
Bas Oudmans and Sean Poole have fun presenting to a crowd

We also took the opportunity to talk a little bit about the next generation of Burli.  We have exciting new ideas about where the future of newsroom management can go, and got some great feedback from the key clients we showed it to!  While it’s not yet time to show off our new technology publicly, we were very happy to demonstrate what we have in mind, get some critique, and move forward to make our future products even better.

Till Next Time!

It’s always a bit of a sad day when we finally pack up the booth and say goodbye to Las Vegas, but after such an exciting show, we’re happy to have new business, new ideas, and new ways to support our customers.  We would like to thank our customers and partners for an amazing show.

After a busy show, the Burli logo goes back in the box for another year…

We look forward to seeing you all again at NAB 2018!

To learn more, come visit us at for more info, or email us to get in touch.

Burli Software
Burli Software
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