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Podcasting for Radio

Podcasts are a natural extension for radio and a powerful new way to enhance and expand listener engagement.

Podcasts fit into people’s lives in a different way than radio does. Radio is a lean back, linear listening experience while podcasts are a lean forward, on-demand listener activity. Podcast listeners can choose what they want to listen to, when they want to listen to it, and are always able to listen from the beginning.

Zetta provides the tools to harness your podcasting creativity.

Why Podcast?

The podcast audience is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 132 million monthly listeners by 2022.

Podcasting can also augment and expand traditional radio market reach, with new and powerful audience engagement programs.

Radio is often limited by format or time constraints, while podcasting offers the opportunity to delve deeper into trending topics and explore niche subjects of audience interest.

A radio station brand can be extended to reach a wider geographic and demographic audience with entertaining and informative audio programming.

Remember that podcasts are always on and have a longer shelf life than a traditional radio broadcasts as they can be stored for future listening.

Monetizing a Podcast

Podcast ads are sold differently than traditional radio ads.

Traditional radio ads are sold according to daypart, while podcast ads are sold based on content and the type of audience an advertiser wishes to reach.

The ad density for a podcast is different from a traditional radio broadcast.  A typical podcast would support a spot load of 1 to 2 minutes per hour, compared with average radio spot density of 6 to 10 minutes per hour.

Radio stations can maximize their unique talents to develop and deliver podcast episodes, as well as custom branded podcasts for clients.

It has been said that branded podcasts are the ads that people want to listen to.

Creating a Podcast with Zetta

Zetta makes creating a podcast easy, with advanced tools and features.

Advanced audio recording tools are available within Zetta including Quick Record, Background Recording and a Multi-Track Editor.

Zetta Multitrack Editor

Audio for podcasts are created using Zetta audio recording tools and managed with the Zetta audio library.

Zetta Audio Library                                                   
Zetta Audio Meta Data Card

Podcast Editor – Using Zetta Shows

The Shows feature of Zetta has many benefits including podcast creation and management.

A Zetta Show is a rundown or list of audio recordings, from the audio library.

Once you have your audio in the library you can utilize the Zetta Show feature to create and manage your podcast shows.

Zetta Show Library

Creating a Podcast Show Template

Using a template for your podcast rundown will help you deliver consistent programming for each episode of your podcast.

Example Podcast Template

  1. Show Opening Music/Branding (7-10 seconds)
  2. Vocal Intro (Standard Show Intro 15-20 seconds)
  3. Show Highlights (30 seconds)
  4. Commercial/Sponsorship (30 seconds)
  5. Segment 1 (5-10 minutes)
  6. Commercial/Sponsorship (30 seconds)
  7. Segment 2 (5-10 minutes)
  8. Commercial/Sponsorship (30 seconds)
  9. Closing (Standard show closing 15-20 seconds)
  10. Show Closing Music/Branding (7-10 seconds)

Pre-recorded audio elements of the podcast are inserted from the Zetta Audio Library into the podcast show according to your show template.

A sample podcast show might look like the following:

Zetta Show Editor

Editing the Podcast

After you have created your podcast, you can preview and edit individual audio elements with a right mouse click.

The Segue Editor allows you to manage segues between each audio element in the podcast show.

Zetta Show Editor with Segue Editor Enabled

Publish the Podcast

Once you have finalized your show layout, highlight all the elements and then click the publish icon.

Zetta Publish then presents you with the Publish screen where you can select the Publish type (pre-configured types and locations). You can also preview the podcast by clicking on the Multitrack Viewer.

Preview and Publish

Clicking on the audio playback controls provides a full audio review of the podcast before it is published.

You can return to Podcast editor at any time to make changes before publishing.

When you are satisfied with the finished podcast, name the podcast and click the publish icon.

The podcast will then be mixed down to a single audio file and published to the pre-configured location, with the associated meta-data.

The versatile Zetta Shows feature can also be used to create mini-shows within your daily Zetta schedule.

Zetta gives you all the tools to create great radio and podcasting, too!

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