Online & Digital Media News – Just under half of Canadians sharing SVOD subscriptions

Image Credit: Alamy

Media Technology Monitor (MTM) has released a report on how Canadians are sharing their Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) accounts. The vast majority of Canadian households have access to at least one SVOD service. MTM found just under half (45%) of SVOD households share their account with another household. While Francophones are less likely than Anglophones to subscribe to SVODs, they are more likely to be sharing their subscriptions with others. Disney+ and Netflix are the two most shared SVOD services with 45% of Disney+ subscribers and 44% of Netflix subscribers reporting sharing their services. Nearly three-fifths of subscribers say they lend out at least one service, while two-fifths say that they borrow someone else’s account.  

TikTok has hired Toronto’s Gamelancer Gaming Corp., a mobile-focused entertainment company, as one of a small group of global TikTok partners to launch TikTok Games. TikTok initially launched a pilot testing program for HTML5 mini-games earlier in the summer with select partners. As the largest gaming network on TikTok with over 27,100,000 followers on the platform, Gamelancer is uniquely positioned to distribute its own HTML5 TikTok mini-games across the global TikTok network. Gamelancer’s first TikTok game is entitled Fortune Teller, featuring a daily fortune/horoscope reading. 

CTV investigative program, W5, is launching a newsletter. The Informant “offers a peek into the stories behind the story,” promising exclusive content. It’s one of nearly a dozen newsletters under the CTV brand, including Parliament Hill twice-weekly brief, Capital Dispatch; Canada This Week featuring curated local stories from across the country; and recently revived monthly, Royal Dispatch, on the monarchy.