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Online & Digital Media News – CBC resumes limited activity on Twitter

MTM JR. has released its 5th annual report on Canadian kids’ media consumption behaviours. Focused on kids, aged 2-17, some of its findings include that Canadian kids are discovering new TV and video content via recommendations by friends, followed by social media updates and personalized suggestions. Girls are more likely than boys to find out about new shows from social media or “You might like” suggestions. Social networking continues to grow among children with seven out of 10 children, aged 7-17, visiting a social networking site in the past month. One in five teens say they have experienced bullying or harassment online. MTM JR. also asked parents how important it is for their children to consume content made in Canada. Close to six in 10 think that it’s “extremely” or “somewhat important” for their children to consume Canadian-made content, higher among those with children under the age of 11.

CBC says it will resume some activity on a handful of Twitter accounts, including @CBCNews, but will continue to significantly reduce its overall footprint on the platform as the public broadcaster continues to assess it against its social media strategy. In a blog post on “threats to press freedom,” CBC Editor-in-Chief Brodie Fenlon noted that the “government-funded” label on the broadcaster’s account has now disappeared. CBC was among a group of public broadcasters that paused activity on Twitter or left the platform altogether last month. “To be clear, CBC News has been reviewing and adjusting its social media strategy for more than a year, long before these sudden changes at Twitter, which also included the abandonment of its verification program for accounts. Our focus remains on social platforms that prioritize healthy communities and or provide us better opportunities to grow new audiences,” wrote Fenlon. Twitter CEO Elon Musk responded with a meme, referencing 2005 romantic drama Brokeback Mountain.

Narcity Media has acquired its first fully scripted web series, new Canadian original comedy The Drop from co-creators/directors/writers and stars Dani Pagliarello (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Aisha Evelyna (Slo Pitch). Episodes are dropping weekly on Fridays on Narcity’s YouTube channel, with Episode 2 coming this week. Inspired by female buddy comedies like Broad City and Chewing Gum, The Drop follows American escapee, Zara (Pagliarello), and Canadian wannabee influencer, Polly (Evelyna), a Toronto line-waiting duo who cash in on their clients’ insatiable need for the latest luxury product drops. The satirical social commentary plays on society’s obsession with material goods and underground pop culture. The all-Canadian cast includes Aurora Browne (Baroness Von Sketch Show), Danté Prince (Detention Adventure), Samantha Brown (Y: The Last Man), Andrew Robinson (The Strain), Mishka Thébaud (The Boys), and Mark Little (Mr. D).

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