AdvertorialNew Remote Codec Solutions for Radio Broadcasters

New Remote Codec Solutions for Radio Broadcasters

In an age when technology is advancing at a rapid rate, it is comforting to know that the equipment you buy today, will still be around and operating for many years to come. When radio broadcasters purchase equipment, they must ask themselves:

⦁ Is it upgradeable?
⦁ Is it interoperable?
⦁ Is it backward compatible?

When it comes to buying codecs, and more specifically Tieline the Codec Company, the answer is a resounding yes to all three questions.

Why do Broadcasters Need Codec Technologies?

In the early days, codecs:

⦁ Eliminated the need for expensive Remote Pickup Units (RPU), and
⦁ Improved phone call audio quality by encoding high quality audio over POTS and ISDN lines.

Nowadays, for most broadcasters IP codecs form the backbone of audio transport between studios and affiliates, between studios and transmitter sites, or from remote broadcast locations. They come in all different flavors and price points. Generally, the most challenging application is when streaming from remote broadcasts to the studio over the public internet.

Tieline has been manufacturing and selling broadcast audio codecs for over 20 years, servicing both the remote broadcast, audio distribution and Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) markets. Therefore, the company is well-placed to offer advice about getting remote audio back to the studio reliably.

Remotes – the Lifeblood of Local Radio

Having initially specialized in remote codec technologies, Tieline employs a wide range of strategies and technologies to provide streaming solutions. Tieline also offers the most powerful and flexible remote codec solution available today, the ViA.

The ViA is something akin to the ‘multi-tool’ of broadcast. It supports 7 IP interface connection options and eliminates the need for expensive and bulky outboard gear like mixers, limiters, compressors, equalizers, playback equipment and recorders. This is all now included in the ViA – no other equipment is required. Plus, a new FTP feature means it can now automatically support podcast uploads.

Future-proofing Technology Purchases

Tieline’s philosophy is to include a module slot in many of its products, to allow for future technology upgrades. Sure, most of the time software is the only upgrade required. However, when cellular networks upgrade from 3G to 4G and then 5G, and possibly 6G, it’s also necessary to allow for hardware upgrades. This provides an upgrade path for Tieline codecs purchased many years ago.

Codecs are Codecs, or are they?

Lots of codec manufacturers say they can stream over IP, but not all codecs are the same when it comes to broadcasting rock solid audio over the public internet and unreliable cellular data links. Employing redundant IP backup streams is recommended, especially for mission critical broadcast infrastructure.

IP connections over the open internet are vulnerable to variations in connection bandwidth and outages. Therefore, it is necessary to employ strategies to ensure redundancy in the event of IP packets arriving late or being unable to reach their destination. Tieline codecs support multiple redundant streams over different network interfaces, which greatly increases IP streaming reliability. In this situation IP audio packets are assembled on a first packet arrived basis from any of the redundant streams.


AES67 – the Future of IP Streaming is here…

At the studio, you need flexible and scalable solutions to receive and transmit audio streams. As studios transition from analog to digital, integration of AES67 compatible codecs is increasingly important.

The new Tieline Gateway codec is a compact and powerful new multichannel IP audio transport solution for radio broadcasters. The Gateway streams up to 16 IP audio channels with support for AES67, AES3 and analog I/O as standard. An optional WheatNet-IP interface allows seamless integration into Wheatstone studios.
Got your MOJO solution?

For the reporter, an iOS or Android smartphone app called Report-IT Enterprise can stream breaking news live on location in high fidelity audio. Ultra-simple for anyone to operate, you simply launch the app, tap ‘connect’ and hey presto you are connected to a studio codec and live on air!

These are just a few of Tieline’s IP codec solutions. Click here to learn more, or request a product demonstration.

Tieline products are available throughout Canada from Jane (Inglis) Rusch of Audio Broadcast Canada at

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