Broadcast Dialogue – The Podcast: Dielectric President Keith Pelletier on Pylon Antennas for FM

Dielectric FM pylon antenna

The vast majority of UHF North American broadcast antennas today are slotted cylinder pylon antennas, which offer benefits including smaller tower footprints, fewer parts, lower windload and superior pattern flexibility. Unfortunately for radio broadcasters, their narrow bandwidth characteristics were impractical for passing full-band FM signals.

Just in time for the 2022 NAB Show and the company’s 80th year in business, Dielectric has unveiled its innovation to resolve these bandwidth limitations with the FMP family of FM pylon antennas. Dielectric will demonstrate its benefits in Booth W7107 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 24-27. David Rusch discusses how these advances were realized with Dielectric President Keith Pelletier.