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The great pandemic of 2020 instantly changed television broadcasting and video production for corporate live events forever.

The requirement for live streaming, remote live production, and professional streaming services has exploded. Burlington-based Aries Pro Solutions together with Videolink – the #1 Platinum reseller of NEWTEK products in Canada – have been a trusted resource for cutting edge technology and technical expertise throughout this turbulent time.

Kerry Wood – Owner – Aries Pro Solutions/Videolink

“At the heart of our success has been our partnership with NEWTEK and the Tricaster switcher products,” says Aries Pro Solutions/Videolink Owner, Kerry Wood. “Clearly, it is Newtek’s creation of NDI that has paved the way for many clients to achieve the previously unthinkable.”

NDI (Network Device Interface) is the broadcast IP delivery method of broadcasting high quality signals over a LAN (local area network). These signals include HD, 4K video and audio, along with tally, power, and control information. NDI is a royalty free software used by a majority of software and hardware manufacturers around the world including Sony, ADOBE, Panasonic, AJA, Evertz, Birddog, and many more. NDI is present in all Newtek Tricasters including the Tricaster Mini HD, SDI and 4K models as well as the TC410, TC1 and newest TC2 Elite announced in September 2020.


Here are the six most compelling solutions in the market right now:

1.      TC2ELITE

The all new NEWTEK TC2Elite boasts over thirty-two 4K inputs including NDI or SDI combos as well as its integration of live caller video via platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype TX, Facebook Live, Discord, Slack, Tencent, and others sure to be announced in the future.

2.     3P2

Just announced: 3P2 is Newtek’s latest 4K ten-channel replay system with 8 NDI inputs and 4 SDI inputs for incredible replay including 8 recording channels. This affordable broadcast 4k IP replay system is a game changer for live sports or event production. Now shipping May 2021.

3.      TCMINI4K

The new Tricaster 4K Mini is the latest in the line of successful Tricaster Mini live production systems. It is a full NDI-capable Tricaster with 8 NDI 4K capability and all the expected rich features such as dual graphics, virtual sets, recording, dual streaming encoders, multi viewers, and much more.


The Newtek 4K PTZ camera is the latest in Newtek’s line of cameras with a Sony sensor and NDI connectivity for power, control, signal transmission, and tally all on one CAT 6 cable.

5.      NDI-PTZ2

Introducing Newtek’s latest version of its successful NDI HD PTZ camera with the latest NDI software for NDI HX2 SDI and HDMI output connections and a Sony sensor for the best quality of PTZ camera on the market. 


The Talkshow 4000 is a multi channel 4 channel professional Skype TX system for live, virtual, and broadcast production to bring in your video callers on air in professional quality with high resolution video and talk back audio and tally. Talkshow 4000 also integrates Microsoft Teams.

Aries Pro Solutions and Videolink are the NEWTEK experts in Canada.

With over 25 years of expertise each, Aries Pro Solutions acquired Videolink in 2019 and together are formidable resellers and integrators in the broadcast, film, and audio/visual industry. They have represented manufacturers such as Sony, Canon, Fujinon AJA, Teradek, Blackmagic and many more. Videolink, which was founded in 1987, was acquired in 2019 by Aries Pro Solutions, has been the #1 reseller of NEWTEK products for over 20 years. Aries Pro Solutions & Videolink also offers rentals for live production and streaming such as the Tricasters, including TC Mini models HDMI & 4K, TC1 4K and TC2 Elite 4K. PTZ HD & 4K cameras. They also offer service and repair on any and all Newtek products.

Whether you need to introduce more quality, remote flexibility, speed, ease-of-use in a cost effective way, reach out to Aries Pro Solutions and Videolink now at (416) 690-1690.

Or fill out the form below, and we’ll arrange a call, demo, or a zoom meeting to talk live streaming and NEWTEK!

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Steve Curran - Videolink – Aries Pro Solutions
Steve Curran - Videolink – Aries Pro Solutions
We bring over 25+ years of Experience to the table in Broadcast, Production and Audio Visual equipment to Broadcast, Production, Government, Corporate, Industrial, Education, Religious, and Non-profit organizations.

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