Audrey Nelson

Audrey Nelson, 83, on Apr. 16, of complications from COPD. Nelson is remembered as the longtime engineering secretary for CFRN Edmonton for several decades. She retired in the late 1990s.

Cyril Hunt, 93, on Apr. 3. Hunt started his career with CBC Alberta’s engineering department in 1954 at CBX-AM Lacombe, the CBC’s first 50 KW regional transmitter in the province. In 1964, he moved to CBX Edmonton, working over the years with CBXT-TV, French signal CBXFT-TV which signed on in 1970, CHFA-AM (when the station was bought by the CBC in 1974), and CBX-FM when it signed on in 1978. He also took care of all the LPRTs (40 watt AM transmitters in remote communities) that were fed from CBX-AM. Hunt eventually became supervisor of the Edmonton Transmitter Group. He retired in 1985.