Music streaming leading kids’ audio listening in Canada

Music streaming is the most popular way for Canadian kids to consume audio, according to the latest MTM JR. release.

The “Turn it up!” report looks at how kids, ages two to 17, are listening across music streaming services, AM/FM radio, and podcasts.

Among the report’s findings are that music streaming, at 60%, is overwhelmingly the most popular way to listen to audio content, particularly among anglophone teens, ages 12-17. Spotify is the top music streaming service with anglophone children, while YouTube is preferred by Francophone kids.

Just under half of young anglophones (45%) reported listening to the radio in the last month, either terrestrially or online. MTM JR. says radio use among Francophone children has continued to decline over the last two years, possibly driven by decreased car travel time during the pandemic.

MTM JR. says podcasting remains a niche activity with just over one in 10 children listening. Among anglophone podcast listeners, almost two-thirds are listening on a weekly basis. The report found that of Francophone children who listen to podcasts, 62% listen less than once a week.

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