Average SOCAN writer-member made $67 from online streaming in 2021

While SOCAN royalties were up in 2021, the Canadian rights management organization says the average writer-member received just $67 in royalties from online streaming last year.

“Internet royalties now make up nearly 40% of the quarterly SOCAN domestic distributions, which is why the Online Streaming Act currently being tabled by the federal government is so important,” said Jennifer Brown, SOCAN CEO, in a release. “It is imperative that streaming services contribute to the Canadian cultural ecosystem by promoting Canadian songs and ensuring fair compensation for our members’ work.”

SOCAN has announced its 2021 fiscal results, including $353-million paid to the more than 180,000 songwriters, composers, publishers and visual artists the organization represents.

Total collections increased by 6% over 2020 to $416-million, while domestic collections were also up 6% year-over-year to $310-million. Internet collections for use of music increased 30% to $135-million, with reproduction rights for internet audio-visual use more than doubling, synchronization up 37%, and international reproduction rights revenue up 32% over 2020. Total international collections increased 6% increase to $106-million.

The organization says internet music revenue is starting to stabilize due to market saturation, while internet audio-visual is still seeing significant increases with the introduction of new services in Canada, most recently Disney+, Amazon TV, and Apple TV.

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